Still No News from the VA

We are just staying busy doing all the little things that seem to pile up, and trying to prepare the way in case we have to leave for any length of time.
My hip still hurts, but today I actually left the house for the first time.

Russel starts at another school tomorrow, up the mountain into Casterlin. He taught Aikido to kids there last year as well, so he’s glad to be going back.

I made a ‘My Favorite Movies’ page to keep my mind off things. It will be growing no doubt as I remember ones I left off.

I also put the little search script that is included in the original MT templates back in place, and figured out how to make it look better. I may add a more through search script later, but this should do for now.

I may just find an hour or 2 tomorrow that i can work up some photos for here, or if not that, start the process of figuring out which photo-blogging system i really want to use.