Not Good News

We have a ’90 Toyota extcab pickup.. it is our main vehicle. Russel needs it for work and we need it to drive out to our home in the hills. I have a ’71 VW bus that is still running but stays close to home (town house). The Toyota was showered with funds earlier this year..just to make it better, nothing was broke.

Now though, it has an oil leak, we thought rear-main seal…ouch $800..but NOOOOOOOOOO… it’s leaking in the head gaskets…. we’re ok as long as we keep the oil up, and it stays leaking where it is, down a gully in the engine wall and out the back, but to fix… a new rebuilt engine is $5 grand. 🙁

We are not happy.
We cannot buy a new car.
We will have to fix this one.

That’s my petty gripe for the month i think.

This means that I can put away plans for the new computer..
this one is a PII 233mz (slow) 4gig hd 314 ram. Old. Dinosaur. Not even a cd burner (I may have to change that though if no new system is in sight). I need storage for my digital photos.. I have a zip drive, but those little buggers are expensive too, and fill up fast as I only have 100mbs ones.

This means that the trip to visit 82 year old Dad in Michigan (i am in California) won’t be happening any time soon either.

Oh well, I know it could be much worse .. it’s only money and only a truck. But it does suck.