Hot Flashes

Well I always knew this time would come. I did a lot of research in my 40’s around peri-menopause. I added certain supplements to my diet hoping to NOT have to go through an intense menopause.

So far, it is not ..really intense i mean. But I skipped a cycle, 3 weeks and counting, and for those 3 weeks i have been flashing. Not as bad as many have described to me, but enough to keep me from having a full nights sleep..or for that matter, more than 2 hours at a time. I wake up, and watch the clock almost every hour. The tiredness is getting to me, more than the actual sweating and flashing. I feel different… fatigue i guess.

A friend reminded me of progest cream. I started using that again yesterday in the hopes that it would help some.

Any way, i hope the blood has stopped for good, and i will deal with the others changes my body is going through. I started Curves last year, but didn’t keep going. I walk daily and try to swim 3x a week. I need weight training and cardio the most, and hope i get back into Curves this winter or find another method of exercising when the rains hit. I want to drop at least another 20 pounds, 30 would be better still.