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The Journey to and with T

What a long strange trip this has been so far. On June 14 I learned my old friend T was facing cancer surgery to remove his prostate & another surgery  to repair or replace a Stent in his right kidney.  He is alone in Florida, & intended to do this whole thing by him self.


That just seemed wrong to me,  I wouldn’t want to do it by myself,  & I knew he wouldn’t heal as well being alone at home. So the next day I booked a flight (you all know how much I love to fly)..so I could be there.

We haven’t seen each other in close to 30 years!

I started the trip from home to Santa Rosa with Russel driving on June 25, then shuttles to SFO forDelta flight to Atlanta. All went good so far & I even had a good seat mate…a graphic designer & coder.

By now I had ‘been on the road’ for a day & a half. Atlanta flight to Fort Myers was delayed 3 times, gates changed 3 times, and was a 4 hour wait. Got me finally into Fort Myers at 3am. Called for my shuttle to the Hampton…but was told to get a taxi, and they were all gone. But was rescued by Hampton manager who lock ed up and came to pick me up.  By the time I got to my room it was 4:30am and fried beyond belief.


This is a rough draft part 1 being written in hospital waiting room on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.