A Month of Bruce Cockburn and gardening

Well it’s been a month of Bruce and gardening.
When I haven’t been planting, harvesting or watering the garden,
I have been working on an old website of mine that has a lot of Bruce Cockburn content, right now doing the setlists from all the live cds I have.
I am bringing all this content from a static hand coded site into WordPress and doing a lot of cross referencing with the CockburnProject. I have been listening to many of these shows, and it’s kept me in the the Bruce bubble all month … which is a lovely place to be.
And it is also priming me up for Sunday’s show at the Kate Wolf Festival.
I just found out that Jenny Scheinman is joining Bruce for this show as well. It will be very interesting seeing / hearing them together without Gary Craig on drums. You know I will post back here after the event!
I am excited.


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