Monthly Archives: December 2010

Winter Solstice

Monday - 20 December 2010

Solstice Greetings to all of you! However you choose to party or pray May the light start shining on your way.. Moving out of this darkness into the light of a new day Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!!! *********************************** We have been having crazy windy rainy hailing thundering wild weather for days now with […]

Naim R.I.P.

Wednesday - 15 December 2010

My friend just died. We were tight in the 80’s in Fairfax. We worked together at The Good Earth Natural Food Store when it was on Bolinas Road. We ate together at Wildwood Cafe. We watched Purple Rain a dozen times! He ‘turned me on’ to some fun dance disco music (Pointer Sisters) when dancing […]

Postcard from Bruce

Monday - 13 December 2010

I was super surprised to get a postcard from Bruce! Handwritten and thoughtful, and thanking me. Made my day, actually it still makes me smile. I just love this man. ****************************************** Background: In July Bruce’s mother passed away. I sent a card with my condolences and some thoughts, having just lost my Dad and both […]


Wednesday - 1 December 2010

We bought a new to us Toyota Tundra. I have been looking online, Craig’s List, from Oregon south to the bay area for a month or more, every day. Seems like if you have a Toyota truck, especially a Tundra, you don’t sell them. They don’t lose value and there are few to find, especially […]