Monthly Archives: September 2010

End of Summer Colds

Thursday - 23 September 2010

Russel started working back at the schools on last week, by Wednesday (Sept 13) he came home with fever and chills which launched into a full on sinus & head cold. I managed to keep feeling good until Sunday, the 18th, when a cough started and by Monday I was full on into a head […]

Birthday Bliss

Monday - 13 September 2010

My birthday was September 11, hard to believe I just turned 58! I really never thought I would get to be this old. After many years of not much ‘fun’ for birthdays, this year I really wanted to have some out-of-the-ordinary fun..for me at least. Thankfully I felt good and much of my energy had […]

Canning Tomatos

Tuesday - 7 September 2010

The garden is in full harvest mode, so what energy I have is going there. Haven’t had time to work this site theme or any other Word Press projects right now. We did harvest many of our tomatoes: And we canned up 7 pints. We used the cold pack – 60 min water bath method. […]