Monthly Archives: August 2010

Upgraded to WP 3.0.1

Wednesday - 25 August 2010

Doesn’t seem to have any problems that I have found yet. I will need to do some major reconfiguring of content and php templates to use the new Twenty-10 theme, so that will be the next push. Testing a upload photo now: Michael Franti

Caterpillars on the dill

Sunday - 15 August 2010

Today I went out to pick some dill head and leaf.. and found a least seven black swallowtail caterpillars on my dill plant! Guess they love dill, and I am mostly done with it so they can eat it. I hope they form their chrysalis close by so I can watch that transformation. Next year […]

Ter is Visiting!

Tuesday - 10 August 2010

I have an E-friend, Terry, who I met through my old friend from the Boulder days, TR, who now lives in Florida, he connected us years ago, (they are a couple) and we have been emailing and now Facebooking for almost 10 years! She was in Washington state, heading south, so I encouraged a visit. […]

Start Antibiotics

Wednesday - 4 August 2010

Whatever I had / have I don’t think it was any kind of allergy. I started on antibiotics July 31, after many really bad days of coughing day and night. I finally called the doctor and specifically asked for antibiotics and codeine cough syrup (which did not help at all). Within 4 days of starting […]