Monthly Archives: February 2010

Odd WP Doings

Thursday - 18 February 2010

After working all day yesterday tweaking the style sheet for styling, today after login in I am being taken to an ‘old’ front page of OnMyBeat in MT! How strange as I removed the file from the server and checked that is was still there. My hosting providers must have done a reboot of some […]

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Much Work Styling Still To Be Done

Tuesday - 16 February 2010

Apparently I can just write with out adding p tags and just use a enter tab to get a paragraph break. And many admin settings to tweak before I even start bringing the old content over here. I sort of like all the colors here, my old blog was very ‘zenish’ and boring.. but in […]

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Migrating OnMyBeat from MT to WP

Sunday - 14 February 2010

This process may take a lot of time. [this is now done] I will try to do this transfer as quickly as possible. But I still have to get a WordPress theme into place before I start that part. Yes I could of hidden all this, but really how many people really check in here? […]