Monthly Archives: December 2007

Solstice Thoughts

Sunday - 16 December 2007

Last Sunday, Russel and I were both together in town, we decided to grab lunch at Flavors, while waiting in line, a woman who I have a ‘town’ relationship with came up behind us in line. I was delighted to see her, as we only have ever spent time talking in town, waiting in line […]

Russel’s 60th!

Thursday - 13 December 2007

Russel also turned 60 on 13 December. I started the day with a few balloons and a small gift of books, then later, another gift, a watch which he has been wanting. Then we went into town for dinner at Rene’s, and it was exceptional. Fresh Rock Cod on truffulled mashed potatos.. ummm words do […]