Monthly Archives: December 2006

NYEve-part 2

Sunday - 31 December 2006

So that is about it for this year. Many of our summer projects didn’t get completed, blame it on the heat (way too many days over 100 degrees) or on my recovering from the tonsillectomy and then bunion surgery, or just not enough time. This past week Russel has been on school break with the […]

Aikido and Russel

Sunday - 31 December 2006

Russel has been profiled this December by his Aikido Association – This is the profile:   Russel Wisby, 3rd Dan Mateel Aikido, Redway, California Division 2 How I started In 1974 I took a defensive tactics class at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka. I was looking for a self defense class and […]

NYEve day 2006-part1

Sunday - 31 December 2006

Wow, been awhile since I was here. As usual just too busy to post. So, to review the last few months, we (me, Carolyn, Cristin, and Linn) went to see Bruce Cockburn at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, on November 9. What fun!! It was a sunny drive there and back, lots of girl talk […]