Monthly Archives: August 2004

Homestead Update

Tuesday - 31 August 2004

In other life, I am done with the major painting of the interior, still have touch ups to do and certain access areas. We got the prefab (cheap) 10′ counter and sink installed last week in the kitchen. Still have to hook up to the drain on that. Because we don’t have real cabinets I […]

Solfest ’04

Tuesday - 31 August 2004

August 21 found us down the road again to Hopland and Solfest. It was a great festival with tons of learning exhibits if you were new to or just beginning to think about solar energy or sustainable living. We mostly browsed the booths and hung out by the pond in the shade until Bruce came […]

On the road

Monday - 16 August 2004

🙁 Ok, so Friday night we get home from 12 hours at Reggae, and there’s a message on the answering machine that.. Russel has an appointment with an ENT(ear-nose-throat) doctor at the VA in SF on WEDNESDAY (2 days after Reggae) 11AM!! Well long story short, it’s a lot like this entry.. in that we […]

Survived Reggae .. again!

Monday - 16 August 2004

Fridays line up of music was quite good…very roots for the most part. I did come home (no camping on site for me!) early so I would have the energy to do 2 more full days and nights. Saturday, with a few exceptions, the music was NOT roots, and made me want to leave several […]

Reggae (ROTR) is upon us again!

Thursday - 5 August 2004

Last year I talked about 2003 Reggae on the River after the fact. It seems like every year it gets longer, this year the ‘real’ music starts at Noon on Friday, instead of 4pm. So? That means vendors, especially food vendors should be up and running by Noon Friday….BUT.. from Friday morn at 6am-till Noon […]