Monthly Archives: July 2004

Comment Spam

Friday - 30 July 2004

OK – I’m back with a few other tidbits. My little blog here got slammed with spam comments the other week. For awhile I removed all abilitiy to comment, but not liking that, I finally downloaded and set up Jay Allens MT-Blacklist, which I had never done as it didn’t seem necessary. Now I just […]

9th Anniversary

Thursday - 29 July 2004

It’s been so long since I posted.. don’t know where to begin! Guess I will go backwards, as it is freshest in my mind 🙂 We had our 9th wedding anniversary on July 27, we have been together 13+ years though. Nice dinner at local Mateel Cafe with Russel’s sister Carol who is visiting from […]

The long road

Saturday - 10 July 2004

We went to the VA hospital in SF (5 hours drive) on Wed, met with Russel’s new doctor, she looked to be about 23, but she was bright and appeared ready to look at ‘whatever is causing this pain/cough/congestion’ in a different way. We got home late Thursday afternoon as it is just too much […]

98 degrees in the shade

Monday - 5 July 2004

98 degrees in the shade… A great reggae song…but a bit much to deal with. Spent a hour in the neighbors pool, that’s some relief. I guess I am still on the way to being an old ‘crone’… false alarm I guess, ‘cept I still feel crampy and very irritable, Russel can attest to that […]

This can’t be happening

Friday - 2 July 2004

🙁 21 weeks. 150 days. 120 days of hot flashes. Now cramps – blood…NOOOOOO !! this isn’t supposed to happen any more. %#$%^$##@$%^%$%%^ Not happy at all. I liked being an old ‘crone’!