Monthly Archives: February 2004

This and That

Sunday - 22 February 2004

Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel Tonight’s the show. Very excited. Hope to make sound check, get some photos signed and tonight get some great shots. Wish me luck. ****************** On other things, this should go in new post, but.. Russel has an appointment for a bone scan, the final test in the saga of trying […]

Bruce Cockburn mode

Monday - 16 February 2004

Counting the days now until he’s here..Sunday the 22nd. Check it out.. I put up a new front page at the Interview by Bob DoranCockburn Project. [archived to the news section now] It was an interview by a local journalist, Bob Doran, who writes for the local North Coast Journal, about Bruce’s visit to Iraq. […]

My House is my Palette

Sunday - 15 February 2004

To change my mindset a bit, I have been painting, very slowly, section by section, in the house. I think I mentioned the bathroom blue we did this summer. There’s a narrow hallway between the bedroom and bath, in front of the utility closet, this was painted the very bright chilled lemonaide. And the wall […]

MRI Results – Nothing

Sunday - 15 February 2004

There’s nothing wrong. The VA and AMA cannot find the source of Russel’s pain. There are no real indicators for any more tests, although we may get a bone scan. I think his doctor can’t think outside his little box, something is wrong, and it’s not in his head… the next step according to this […]

Finally…going to get the MRI

Sunday - 1 February 2004

We leave for the city (SF) very early on Thursday morning. Russel has a stress treadmill test at 1pm. The following day he finally gets the MRI. I am only hoping that this gives us a diagnosis. His pain has gotten worse, the pain killers less helpful, and the stress of it all is really […]