Monthly Archives: October 2003


Wednesday - 29 October 2003

Here’s a link to a great story about KMUD’s better than wonderful news director and reporter: Estelle Fennel Doing a little local (So Hum) surfing around I found a great article on Joellen, so I am gonna post that here. Local Girl Makes Good News by Pat Bernstein That bright, exuberant new voice on the […]

Winged Vehicle in Redway

Wednesday - 29 October 2003

On our way through Redway yesterday to take Carol out to our house, we saw this:   And then one of my favorite people (Joellen) appeared. So I got a shot of Joellen Clark-Peterson (KMUD news person) and the owner of the winged vehicle. Some times you just need to stop….and serendipity happens.

Health Updates – Russel

Wednesday - 29 October 2003

Russel has completed the Prednisone therapy, the first 2 days off it he seemed better, then he had a terrible ‘pain behind the sternun’ attack. We really got worried and depressed that it was all for nothing … which I had been afraid of since the beginning, after all the Prednisone is only covering a […]

Russel’s Sister Visits

Tuesday - 28 October 2003

Carol’s here…. Russel’s sister Carol, from South Carolina, is visiting. We live in a really small one room house in town while we are building our home, so she stays at a local motel. We walked off dinner Sunday night and I took a few shots. This one is in front of the the Hemp […]


Wednesday - 22 October 2003

Fall is always a busy time of year for us. This one is no different. I am pleased to have web work lining up! Russel is feeling a bit better, and is at least back to work teaching Aikido to kids at the schools. On the blogging front, yet another of my favorite reads (Between […]

Good News – No News

Sunday - 12 October 2003

The short version of the visit with the doctors at the VA: – the chest xray that originally was read to ‘see a spot on his lung’ was either faulty or an infection that went away before the CT scan got done. – the CT scan was clear 🙂 – his lungs, heart, and airways […]

Packing for trip to VA

Tuesday - 7 October 2003

We finally have an appointment with the ‘chest clinc’ at Fort Miley VA hospital tomorrow (San Fransisco). We will leave here about 6:30am and go down. Russel had to make this appointment last week, after tiring of waiting for them to call and make one with us, which is their usual standard of operation. This […]

Bathroom – finally water!

Tuesday - 7 October 2003

This is the color we painted the bathroom.   I don’t think the computer/camera gets it quite right, it seems to be a brighter bluer blue in real life. This is the vanity we quickly got on Friday.. i do like the maple and mission style of it. The faucet we bought is chrome, with […]