Monthly Archives: September 2003

More fires..more waiting is

Monday - 29 September 2003

Well the fires closed down school today. There was no school on Friday either. This is because the particulate matter in the air is too great, or so says the Air Quality Control people. Yes it is smokey. Some days worse than others… today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday. They say no school until […]

Waiting is…

Sunday - 28 September 2003

‘Waiting Is…’ a coined phrase by an old friend. He taught me a lot about patience, although I still have a lot to learn. Waiting for the fires to finally burn themselves out. The smoke fills the sky and it is hard to breathe today, as it was on Thursday. We (here in Garberville) did […]


Tuesday - 23 September 2003

Garberville and all of Southern Humboldt is covered in smoke from the Canoe fire burning on the north coast/King Range/Honeydew area. This is from CDF’s web site: “Inaccessibility continues to hamper containment efforts along with hot dry weather on the Canoe fire. Fire intensity increased in the late afternoon and evening yesterday expanding the fire […]

and more no news

Monday - 22 September 2003

Where’s Patti? My favorite read has left!! Help… I miss you already. Please come back or tell me where you went! In my life there is still no news 🙁 We are being smoked to death by the Canoe Fires on the north coast of California. I am not sleeping well. But my hip pain […]

Still No News from the VA

Thursday - 18 September 2003

We are just staying busy doing all the little things that seem to pile up, and trying to prepare the way in case we have to leave for any length of time. My hip still hurts, but today I actually left the house for the first time. Russel starts at another school tomorrow, up the […]


Tuesday - 16 September 2003

Stress is ruling my life at the moment. The kind of not-knowing what is gonna happen kind of stress. I mentioned here that we had to go to SF. That was so my husband could get a CT scan of his chest. We still (one week later) don’t know what the CT scan found. I […]

Steve Lucas & Julie Wolf

Thursday - 11 September 2003

Steve Lucas who has played with Bruce Cockburn on many of his tours, has his own cd out. Gamma Jazz And so does Julie Wolf, keyboardist on the latest Bruce Cockburn tour, Walk The Worn Out Floor. Take a minute and give them a listen. Wonderful people and great musicians.

Tomorrow is My Birthday

Wednesday - 10 September 2003

Last year I turned 50. It was a liberating birthday, although a bit subdued because of the first anniversary of 911. I had had higher hopes for this one. I am not one who makes a big deal out of birthdays or holidays, but do like a small token of rememberence. The week started off […]