Monthly Archives: May 2004

MT 3 – Movable Type

Monday - 17 May 2004

Well in my too busy to keep up world, I put off upgrading my MT 2.64 installation to the MT 2.66 version. Now it seems, I am really too late, as it will cost me at least $65 according to the new MT3 licenses. There has been quite a backlash at MT around these licenses: […]


Friday - 14 May 2004

There are two of these side by side on the road into Redway. Simply stunning!  

Lois Lane..

Friday - 7 May 2004

I remember a line in one of the first Superman movies, where after Clark took away her memory, she comes into work and asks “What’s happening in the world?” There’s a feeling I get from that line, not that I am not aware of what’s happening in the world, but that my life has been […]