Monthly Archives: December 2003

Going to Michigan …

Friday - 19 December 2003

for Christmas to visit Dad & the rest of the family. Currently it is 29 degrees there, and snow flurries. Now to many people that is warm/balmy/ok with them type of weather, but I moved away from Michigan and then Colorado because I didn’t want to handle the cold, snow bitter freezing winds. Any way, […]

Bruce Cockburn coming to the Mateel CC

Wednesday - 17 December 2003

Bruce is coming to town!! Bruce Cockburn is coming to the Mateel Community Center!!!! 22 February 2004 – at the Mateel Community Center presented by our local radio station KMUD. ( photo credits: Doug Stacey, 19 July 2003 Madison, WI. show at the Barrymore Theatre )   I also put a new front page article, […]

Citizen of the Year – Day to Day

Monday - 15 December 2003

Estelle Fennell – Citizen of the Year Last fall we had fires. We also had our intrepid reporter and news manager at KMUD, Estelle Fennel, who 24/7 kept us informed, went into the fire zone, and won great respect for her efforts from CDF and other locals. Estelle Fennel has been named Citizen of the […]

More Health Updates

Friday - 5 December 2003

Really, I am still here! Been to busy to think. Have spent many days and nights away from the computer, with many more to come, so I thought a quick update would be nice. ;-p On the VA-Russel illness front, all tests are good. No GERDs, but the pain and congestion in and around his […]